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Welcome to my webplex - here is a sitemap to help you navigate - happy reading!

Main Sites

 San Diego Author. (the author's San Diego stories & San Diego info). Site includes billboard covers for author's titles (links point to

 John T. Cullen. (author of fiction and nonfiction; birth name is Jean-Thomas Cullen; also writes as John Argo and John T. Cullen). Over 50 books, articles, and other projects listed here.

 Clocktower Books. (small press publisher in San Diego since 1996)

Special Topic Sites (Nonfiction)

 Coronado Mystery. 1892 true crime/famous ghost legend at the Hotel del Coronado—a mystery solved at last by John T. Cullen. Three books.

 Vanished MH370 Airliner. John T. Cullen's plausible solution to one of aviation history's greatest mysteries. Got the attention of top U.S. Navy brass and some media outlets. Based on reported facts, keeping all cards on the table.

Special Fiction Sites

 Luxembourg Thriller (Progressive Thrillers) First in a series (Progressive Thrillers): Valley of Seven Castles, a Luxembourg Thriller.

Stay Tuned

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Museum Sites

 Clocktower Books Museum. (Museum of Clocktower Books, tracing our history from 1996 to the present)

Access. Each of these sites (except Clocktower Fiction, which turned into Clocktower Books in 2000) still has a legacy website. You can either access directly or, for a more meaningful experience, begin at the Clocktower Books Museum site, where I am developing a detailed chronology.

Neon Blue Fiction 1996-2001

The Haunted Village 1996-2001

Clocktower Fiction 1996-2000
(Clocktower Books after 2000)

SharpWriter.Com 1998-2006

Deep Outside SFFH 1998-2001

Far Sector SFFH 2001-2007